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How deep is your Love?

By dermaquest

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“The Kemsphere allows retinol to go deeper into the skin.”

As the celebration of love vastly approaches do not forget to love yourself through your skin. In no way do we want to replace the love that we have for our spouses or significant others but if we take more time to give back to ourselves we will definitely find more energy and enthusiasm when loving others. One simple way to love yourself a little more each day is through your skin with your skin care regimen. Deliver top of the line ingredients into the lower layers of your skin by choosing a product line that uses enhanced delivery systems.

Delivery systems are designed to deliver potent and sometimes delicate ingredients deep into the skin, encouraging greater effects. For example, retinol is a remarkable source of vitamin A that is considered the most well studied, clinically proven anti-aging ingredient of all vitamin a sources. Retinol on its own seems to be able to get the job done. However, there is a relatively new delivery system called Kemspheres which will increase the ability of retinol to get the job done quicker. The Kemsphere delivery system allows retinol to go deeper into the skin. Unlike, other commonly used delivery systems, Kempsheres are lipid soluble, meaning that the out protective layer that encapsulates the ingredient can be broken down by the oils in our skin. This is important because the retinol that is encapsulated by the protective delivery system of the Kempshere will be delivered to lower layers of the skin safely, it will have a more time released affect, which will in a sense allow the retinol to act like a higher performing vitamin A.

Retinol is known for its simultaneous action in the skin. It thickens the dermal layers which is absolutely necessary at a certain age while, sloughing the thick, hyperkeratinized layers of the epidermis, revealing a brighter, smoother and even toned skin that looks plump and dewy.

“Spend a little more on your skin care so that you can experience the science behind the formulations”

Kempspheres are a newer technology. However, other well known and widely used delivery systems are Liposome technology; such as, photosomes and ribosomes, also used to enhance the delivery of specific ingredients. Spend a little more on your skin care so that you can experience the science behind the formulations. Formulations with enhanced delivery systems will show you how deep these specialized ingredients really do love your skin and as a result; you will too! Great skin care is the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Valentines Day.

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